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Musical ear training - harmonies, tone intervals, perfect Pitch

In order to succeed in musical performance you need to train your musical ear. Musical theory like chords and scales ainīt enough, and also if you arrange a tune entirely based on one key or entirely based on the notes within, it might be less interesting. Many tunes have a bridge part in another key. all the time. Nomally the chord set of perfect major key might follow like this. :
C Major 7 - D minor 7 - E minor 7 -F major 7 -G dominant 7 - A minor 7 - B minor 7 augmented(+/-)5.

Perfect pitch emphasizes that the music performer is able to know exactly the tone beeing played. Very few have this ability and often requires musical training at an very early stage. But most of us are able to quickly hear difference between triads or a minor or major chord or melody phrase, and many can also distinguish the tone intervals in an extended triad, for instanse a major or minor chord with a extended 7, maybe 6. For more extended chords, it might become very difficult, a major 13 chord contains both the major triad, the 7th, 9th, maybe 11th and the 13th. The 13th is same tone as the 6th one octave lover, so you can say it contains the 6th and the 7th tone from base at same time. Then comes the substitutional behaviour as used in jazz, which can make it even trickier in theory, but for may beneficial in improvisation. Here som resources:

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