Learn Guitar - Major guitar Chords positioning exercise

We still start off showing just some simple open major chords from which you may play quite many chord sing along tunes. In order to play furher chords something called barré chord grips are needed.

In the begining it requires a little time and practise to get used to the barré guitar chords. Barré grip is where the index finger lays flat pushing down all strings on one fret. there aslo half barrés where not all 6 strings are covered. Barré has the same functionality as a capo. Start maybe to handle a nylon string acoustical guitar, in such a way to handle the most difficult first, then when turning to the steel acoustical or electrical it will be piece of cake, since here the distance between string are less. After mastering the barré technique you will be able to play any chords over the whole guitar frets.

It´s also a good idea to learn different ways to play the chords, like illustrated below, it might spice up your playing and help you find easier solutions to your chord arrangements

The 2 coloured points on the figure illustrates the base tones. The black arrows illustrates "same tone", even though it´s sometimes in different octaves.