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Learn Guitar - Starting of with guitar chords

Ive tried to make an overall guide to sum up on my own experiences on how to move forward without getting stuck or loose the motivation. You can find here a few rehearsal practices, to avoid that situation. Basicly the approach is to first learn the chords for the guitar, like a minor chord, or a major chord. Later on you will figure out what are guitar scales. Guitar scales are just musical tone stepwise increasing in different modes and patterns like on any other instrument.

You might read my article Learn Guitar Beginner Tips. Its basically some general basic advice caught up from own experience if you have ambitions to learn to play any instrument also besides guitar.

300 Chord Progressions for Guitar, Piano, Ukulele etc, in C Major & A Minor

About Virtual World Software ,The mission of Virtual World Software is to create a complete virtual guitar in an MS Windows computer using MIDI systems. Powerful tools around the guitar are designed to help beginners to professionals create chord and pick sequences. Donwnload