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guitar acoustic lessons video

Jamorama Acoustic guitar is another creation from guitar master Ben Edwards. Jamorama Acoustic is aimed at the acoustic guitar player and is quite literally the acoustic version of Ben’s popular Jamorama! Guitar course that has lead the guitar learning market for the past several years.

Jamorama Acoustic comes with 153 video lessons and is packed with tips and tricks to get the student playing in the shortest time possible. The thing about Jamorama Acoustic that sets it apart from all other courses is that it is an integrated learning kit with lessons, games and practice “jam tracks” put together in a way that gets tangible results fast. Every aspect of the course from the way it is downloaded, to the way lessons are laid out, to the Acoustic Jam Tracks that come with the course for a learner to practice what’s being taught in context makes Jamorama Acoustic easy and fun to use

Jamorama Acoustic Guitar is a practical course. Ben hasn’t loaded it down with a lot of unnecessary theory. While you will come away from the course with skills like being able to ready guitar TAB, you won’t spend time learning theory that has little or no application. Jamplay currently features over 180+ hours of guitar acoustic lessons video from 19 different guitar teachers. That is a TON of material to go through, so it may take you a while. They film each lesson in HD (high definition) and with multiple cameras so you can see exactly what the instructor is doing.

Included in the Jamorama course are 2 huge downloadable guitar learning books which break down the course into separate lessons (15 lessons in book 1# and 26 lessons in book #2). The lessons are super-easy to get into and aren't difficult to understand.

There are also great video and audio that go with the course books. There are almost 150 video examples for you to use. The jam tracks that are included are super-high quality as well. You can choose to play with the accompaniment track if you are just starting to learn the song, or you can take the lead guitar part with the 'muted' guitar track version.

Jamorama did a great job of adding extra bonuses that you will find very useful. Here are some of the software bonuses included in the package:

Guitar Tuner Pro - digital tuner

Guitar Ear It! - An great tool you can use to develop your ear for chords.

Jayde Musica Pro - A creative game where you can learn to read and memorize notes or use to recognize notes by ear.

Jamorama Metronome - A digital metronome that actually sounds like a metronome.

UPDATE: Recently, Jamorama included a free 30-day membership to Song Pond (SongPond.com), if you purchase the Jamorama guitar software. This makes Jamorama an even sweeter deal.

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