LearnMusicGuide.com  Display Pagerank Advanced FretPro is the best fretboard training program in the world (our humble opinion!) and also has a massive chord and scale library showing exactly how to play chords and scales on a real guitar neck instead of from a chord or scale diagram (with the notes too! - not just positions). We've made the program free to download, but you'll get the most out of it by reading our incredible eBook in the members section. The 60 Minute Fretboard Memory System eBook will REVOLUTIONIZE the way you look at the fretboard.


Get a free taste preview here for what that can be found inside. Push the play button in the middle, and scroll carefully with the mouse on the right side to find which item you wanna check out.

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Most of the lessons are divided up into 3 categories or phases, both acoustical and electrical guitar:

Phase 1: Beginners

Phase 2: Genre Teaching

Phase 3: Learning Songs

Other guitar videos or instructional DVDs simply lecture you on guitar techniques, and worse yet, most instructors give you NOTHING once your face-to-face guitar lesson has ended. Not at JamPlay. For each lesson and each topic of guitar, we give you a full printout to reference and study. Keep the documents for life, regardless if you cancel your membership.

Note that Jamplay is not a downloadable course, but an affordable members-only website that contains many hundreds of video guitar lessons. Having said that, it's nice not to have to download the whole course to your computer before you can actually start using it.

Each and every week at JamPlay.com, our instructors answer members questions on our website. Exclusive only to our service, enjoy the benefits of face-to-face instructors and the conveniences of our online community. Having difficulty understanding finger- picking? Can't pick up on how to read tablature? No problem. Ask us your questions and get answers.

More Features:

Constant website updates. (You can view their home page to see what video lessons they've recently added)

A well organized guitar chord library.
You can easily interact with Jamplay's instructors.
Keep track of your progress with Jamplay's progress reports.
You can create a personal profile, meet and make new friends in the Jamplay community. They have a forum, as well as a great live chat interface where you can drop by and talk to Jamplay's staff as well as fellow students.

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