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Music Learning Contents:

This website is meant as a collection of the best music resources and lessons Iīve found so far for those interested in learning to play an instrument, music theory and how to read and create music transcriptions. As an example an essential issue when it comes to mastering chord and scales on the guitar on an advanced level, is to learn the guitar fretboard.

Futhermore site contains resources whether You are interested in basics of learn to play guitar lessons, piano lessons or interested in finding the best learning materials regarding modern music production. Maybe you also wanna check out my articles and advices written on the music learning issue. Latest article is about creating guitar solos

  Guitar Lessons
- Acoustical and rock guitar lessons and practise methods
- Find everything from guitar tabs, classical guitar solos played half speed, and free preview of interactive video guitar lessons by professional instructors. All levels from beginner guitar to advanced

  Music Producer lessons
   - You get powerful studio lessons in modern music production, Action-packed step by step methods on your chosen style. You will learn how to compose any piece of music quickly and easily, with virtuoso technique!
If you order the all in one for multi instrumentalists (guitar, bass, drums, violin, piano) learning program Music Master, you will get the music producer lessons program for free
You will learn how to transcribe songs from the radio, read music, and then create your own patterns and fills, rolls and unique style. And boy do I have the hottest beats and grooves to pass on to you! This is simply the most thorough, easy to use skill building online program ever for musicians! And you will have loads of fun using it!
     download music production software

  Flamenco Guitar Lessons
   One of the bests ways to train overall guitar styles rythm, timing and fret hand chord moving flexibillity is to combine with Flamenco guitar. This will make you a better rock, jazz guitar player as well.
More Flamenco guitar
     flamenco guitar chords scales
  Piano Lessons
   - Learning how to play Piano, piano accompaniment and improvisational techniques
   - Also check out lessons containing two-hand eye coordination, music sheet reading techniques.
   - Watch a 5 years old girl improvising -Check out this piano tutorial now
You'll learn how to improvise with chord progression
Free Piano Lesson
Violin Lessons
Violin and cello is in fact among my favourite acoustical instruments, even though I canīt play violin myself. Iīm found of itīs sustain, and long lasting colourful phasing sound. You canīt reproduce this with guitar unless using loads of effects, delay or phaser.

Violin sheet music downloads
  Music CD's
   - Collection of cheap CD's for the little more advanced listener and which is hard to find in normal music shops. Rock, blue, jazz, ethnic folk music and even heavy metal, all to inspire Your musical education

  More Instruments
Find more lessons and books on music theory, musical ear training and on instruments like drums, percussion, cello, banjo, mandolin, ukulele....

Guitar/Piano Learning and Editing Software :

How to Make a Guitar Solo

By Thomas Wilhelm

Even though you have accomplished a sound level of lead guitar technique when it comes to playing all kinds of tricky guitar solos from many of the best performers out there, the problem might come when you are about to make your own guitar solo. Creating a solo is almost like creating a longer or shorter classical composition of your own, and almost all famous rock numbers have an ear catching solo. The best guitar solos have the role of to climaxing the songs. Some rock tunes even became famous because of the guitar solo alone. So how to create this kind of solo? Read Entire Article

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  • Audio Playback
  • MIDI & ASCII Import/Export
  • Chords Diagrams
  • Guitar Fretboard
  • Scales Tools
  • Digital Tuner
  • Metronome
  • Speed Trainer......

Chords for all keyboards, whether piano or electronic keyboard or synthesizer or organ -- any keyboard! It works like an Amazing Keyboard Chord Chart & Piano Chord Computer!

About Virtual World Software ,The mission of Virtual World Software is to create a complete virtual guitar in an MS Windows computer using MIDI systems. Powerful tools around the guitar are designed to help beginners to professionals create chord and pick sequences. Donwnload

D'Accord Easy Tuner, useful to beginners and skilled guitarists, is the easiest guitar tuner for Windows! You just need a microphone plugged on your computer, and you can tune your guitar easily and with accuracy. Donwnload

basic cords guitar,free guitar cords
D'Accord Guitar Chord Dictionary 3.0 for Windows (95, 98, Me, 2000, XP) is the new version of the best chord dictionary software! Useful to beginners and skilled guitarists. With this software you will learn everything about chords and scales. Browse, play and print guitar chord positions! You can also import chords from lyrics that you find on music websites. It works for all popular stringed instruments! Free guitar cord and scales Download

D'Accord Keyboard Chord Dictionary offers the best solution for piano and keyboard players. The dictionary includes fundalmentals, such as major and minor chords, and also a wide-range of more complex ones, such as 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th chords. Free trial Download

Featured Artists :

5 instrumental tracks influenced by different music styles such as country rock and power metal, featuring shred riffs throughout, without a hint of showing off. Music includes long bluesy metal licks, satured chicken picking and melodies creating spaces.

  STEVE VAI, JOE SATRIANI, NEAL SCHON, STEVE LUKATHER, DEREK SHERINIAN, MICHAEL THOMPSON: The Dream of the Electric Guitars Volume 1 Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Neal Schon, Steve Lukather,Derek Sherinian, Michael Thompson
The Dream of the Electric Guitars Volume 1 The biggest and most amazing wizards of the Electric Guitar from around the world reunite their talents to create the first volume of "The Dream of the Electric Guitars". A collection of classic and rare to find moody, dreamy seductive rock.